Technical Support

Remote & Onsite Support

As we pride ourselves on resolving issues as quickly as possible, we utilise the absolute best technologies to not only resolve your issues but also do so as quickly as possible.

We can achieve this with our remote support tools allowing us to remotely access your computers and repair them remotely which keeps your downtime to an absolute minimum.

If for whatever reason we are unable to repair your issue remotely we have a team of technicians available to attend site and repair the issue.

Our remote support also involves our monitoring system, this allows us to keep a close watch on your PCs, Laptops and Servers in Realtime, giving us not only fast response times but also deeper insights into where and what has caused the issues.

Below are just some of the aspects we monitor on a daily basis.

  • Online – We can view which devices are currently online and identify if any critical machines are either disconnected or powered off.
  • Device Uptime – Allows us to see how long a PC has been online and when it was last restarted.
  • Updates – We can view and schedule any updates required at a time that is suitable.
  • Security – We can monitor each machines anti-virus status from the latest scan results to when it was last updated, and just like the system updates we can schedule or push them through as and when required.
  • Workstation statistics – We can monitor disk space and event logs from machines allowing us to identify issues which may not be apparent and take a pro-active approach to repair before service is affected.

These are just a small selection of what our monitoring system analyses daily and updates are updated every 15 minutes allowing emailing our technicians as soon as any errors are identified.

If you have any questions, please get in contact to find out more.