Call Centre Licences Add On

Call Centre Licences Add On

The following features are included across your entire business at admin level, these setting, and features are inherited at user / handset level.

Feature included / Optional Extra
Call Centre Agent Optional Extra
Call Centre Supervisor Optional Extra
Call Centres (ACD) inc ACD Plus Optional Extra

Call Centre Agent

Enables users (agents)to use the Business Portal, IP Phone, or soft clients to login/out of queues as well as update their status. 

Call Centre Supervisor

Enables users to monitor and supervise Call Centre ACD queues using a web application. 

Call Centres (ACD) inc ACD Plus

Enables business to have access toa very basic Call Centre ACD service that allows incoming calls to be received by a single phone number and distributed among a group of users, or agents.  The following basic functionality is supported: 


  • Call queuing with comfort announcements 
  • Comfort Announcements  
  • Estimated wait messages including queue position and wait time as well as differ high volume messages. 
  • Overflow to alternate destinations for unanswered and stranded calls 
  • Redirection of calls outside business hours  
  • Music on Hold 
  • Uniform call distribution 


A statistics report is generated at the end of each day and sent to e-mail addresses.  


Please note this feature provides comfort music for one set of agents only. Where the ACD is used behind an Auto Attendant, one instance will be required for each Auto Attendant option requiring a different comfort message using different agents.  


Included within this feature is a ‘Plus’ pack that enables enhanced call forward functionality which includes: 


  • Alternate Numbers 
  • Call Forwarding Busy 
  • Call Forward Always 
  • Call Forward Selective 
  • Do Not Disturb 
  • Selective Call Acceptance 
  • Selective Call Rejection  
  • Voicemail