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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) lets you access phone service over the internet. Calls are no longer dependent on old traditional phone lines as all services operate over data connections, this allows VoIP to achieve greater functionality at a lower cost for businesses.

This innovation means that communication expenses are much cheaper than traditional phone service with many business owners report cost savings up to 70% after switching to phone service to VoIP.

The call quality of cloud communications systems depends on the speed and reliability of your internet, however as PreciousIT provide fast and reliable broadband we can ensure your speeds are as fast as possible.

In general, you will hear a vast improvement in call quality compared to traditional landlines. Landlines do not have as much audio bandwidth, which can result in muffled or fuzzy calls. VoIP calls achieve this through HD Voice technology

Yes, we can port this number from your current provider to make the transition as easy as possible.

Yes, we highly recommend having 2 internet connections for optimal performance, one for phones and one for internet usage, but this depends on the size of your business and how you use the internet. The good news is that we can also supply super-fast connections at a competitive price, please see our broadband options here

Once setup from our end, extensions and numbers are assigned to each phone, so all you need to ed to do is move the phone and power supply and making sure the phone has an ethernet cable. If in doubt your account manager is more than happy to assist.

Yes, if you have the power supply and an ethernet cable connected to your home router you can make and receive calls as usual, callers will not even know! (Unless you have noisy children)

Some handsets even have Wi-Fi functionality, so if this is something you may be interested in, we can certainly assist.

Yes, this is another benefit, adding additional handsets is simply a case of ordering the handset and we can do the rest so as soon as you receive the delivery, connect the phone and within 15 minutes your additional handsets will be fully operational. Easy to self-install with no engineer visits!

In most cases, you will not be able to connect calls if there’s a power outage. Our VoIP phone system works over the internet. During a power outage, your router will not be able to function, which means there will be no internet access.

However, the aquArius Hosted Voice platform allows for instant failover, meaning if for whatever reason your power or internet goes out you can divert all calls to a different number.

Another solution is to make use of the mobile app platform allowing you to make and receive calls to and from your main number using your mobile phone handset, click here to find out more

No, your business will be able to access the same features, plus many more. click here to find out more

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