CRM Integration

It is important in todays modern world for businesses to be able to communicate to their clients better than ever, with our CRM Integration tool which is powered by Go Integrator you can do just that. Go Integrator provides a powerful state of the art desktop-based CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) to enable high quality integration communication and collaboration with aquArius phone system and your CRM / Accounts program, this is also known as Unified Communication (UC).

Key Features

CRM Integration comes packed with Features

Call Control

Easily make, receive, transfer, and place a call on hold from your computer with a single click

Click to Dial

Either copy or click on a number on your screen and integrator will dial the number.

Call Preview / Screen Popping

The inbound caller details are displayed in a preview window which allows you to click to open the caller’s CRM record.

Address Book

Expertise in IT consultancy for the IT companies,

Real Time User Presence

Powerful feature that allows users to view status of their colleagues and change of your own status.

Activity Logging

View reports of all calls to and from your computer, handset and Office UC App.