Keeping compliant!

Once you’ve put compliance policies in place, call recording give you access to feature that are designed to help you manage your customers data and comply with regulations including GDPR and MiFID II.

  • Calls are stored using industry standard encryption.
  • Specify which calls to be recorded by group DDI or user; and which to exclude (by CLI or DDI).
  • Pause and resume calls to stop card verification value (CCV) digits being recorded. (This is a manual trigger which the agent has to use)
  • Advanced search using filters (call tag, flag and classification status)
  • Manually delete call recordings and mask associated data.
  • Automated management to delete older recordings once the storage period expires.
  • Several storages option.
  • Audited accounts so you can see who has listened or deleted calls etc. You can even ban end users from deleting calls.
  • Rights-based user policy management to determine who has access to which recordings.
  • Combine with aquArius auto attendant and messaging: if a caller does not consent to call recording you can set up a specific option on the auto attendant to route the call to a line excluded from recording.