Customer Service

Customer Service is Key!

Mishaps and lack of communication

It is no secret, misunderstanding between customers and employees happen more then we would like. By recording your calls, you can now resolve prolonged situations and disputes very quickly. You can playback the call to hear exactly what was said and agreed amongst your customer and staff member.

Project Managers & Call Conference

Not everyone can attend call conference being able to record the call allows you to download it and send to all those involved in the call and those who were unable to attend.

Document that meeting

Minuting a meeting can be a daunting time trying to keep up with everything that has been said and agreed in a meeting. Being able to call record the meeting will allow your to listen to the meeting back time and time again to minute precisely.

Warning Alert

Sometimes it is really handy to know when a specific individual calls in to the your business, be it a VIP or worse a difficult challenging customer. We can configure the call monitor software to alert you when they have called.

CRM Upload

By integration into your CRM, you can upload recorded file to specific contacts within your application. This feature is only compatible to certain CRMs.