Number Porting

Put simply ‘porting’ is the transfer of your existing phone number to PreciousIT. We can take over any 01 and 02 ‘geographic’ phone numbers and activate them on any of our voice solutions. In addition, we can also port any 07 mobile numbers to our mobile service.

We can port your business number to many of our most popular packages including our aquArius hosted voice platform allowing you to keep your number while also future proofing your communications.

While we a proud of our cutting-edge solutions we also understand the need for existing legacy phone systems which is why we can also apply ported numbers onto older ISDN, PBX and Multiline configurations.

With this flexibility PreciousIT can accommodate many different scenarios allowing you to keep in contact no matter where your communication needs take you.

If you wish to find out more on porting and our other services which we can port your numbers onto, please contact us on 01205 845800