Bill Shocks

Bill Limits

By default, we want to give you as much flexibility as possible with your mobile plans, which is why our plans are not capped initially, however we can always apply a limit based on call/SMS/Data charges. This limit can be applied when setting you up or during your contract allowing for greater control, this will be something your PreciousIT account manager will discuss prior to placing the order.


Keeping track of usage on multiple devices can be tricky, especially if you want to allow freedom for usage which is why we offer alerts that can be set in place.

Our alert system works 24/7 and can be set to whatever parameters you require and set an automatic bar once the limit has been reached, below is an example:

Example based on a 20GB data allowance

  • 50% 10GB (alert email sent)
  • 80% 16GB (alert email sent)
  • 100% 19GB (alert and bar data only)

Our alert system ensures you can have peace of mind that mobile usage won’t get out of control minimising the risk of an unexpected bill due to high usage, this is just another solution for us to look after our customers.


We can apply bars to any service at any point while your service is live, for example we can apply a bar to data usage so the mobile number can make and receive calls and SMS but will not be able to use any data. To enable this you can contact your PreciousIT account manager who can action this for you immediately.

Worldwide Cap

A Worldwide Data cap can be applied on either O2 & Vodafone, by default all numbers are opted out. This is a fixed price cap of £38 of roaming data in a month, once we are made aware that a user has hit £38 of roamed data cost the number will be barred. Due to the delay in receiving roamed data it’s likely that the cost will be higher than £38, however you would only be charged £38. The bar will lift automatically on the 1st of the following month.

If you remove the bar then you will be billed the full cost of the data they have used, you won’t know what this cost would be for a few days after the number has barred as it can take several days for the roamed networks to send through the full call details.